Welcome to Year 6

Problem solving in Year 6

Some children in Year 6 have been busy solving a maths problem this week. The problem involved a plane without a pilot that was hurtling to the ground. The children had to move a new pilot into the pilot seat in the smallest amount of moves possible. They worked together to approach this problem in a variety of ways. Methods included: acting out the problem, using cubes and recording findings on whiteboards.

May Day Celebrations- ‘Obby Oss’

As part of our May Day celebration, we made our own ‘Obby Osses’ and share them in our whole school assembly. They were a big hit and the audience enjoyed our performance with 2 ‘Obby Osses’ and a team of teasers.

SATs Preparation

As you are all aware, this week has been a very busy week for us. The children were extremely focused and tried their hardest in their SATs. We enjoyed making sure we were ready to try our best with our Brainy Breakfast each morning. The children all attended and enjoyed a delicious breakfast and were able to relax with their friends before sitting their assessments.

Our teachers are:

Miss K Francis
Mr M Warren

Welcome to Treloworth School.