Time 2 Move

Cornwall framework for PE & school sport

Every child’s right to a healthy and happy life

Time 2 Move’ is for all young people in Cornwall and a call to action for those involved in education, PE and school sport. This is a framework that highlights the positive contribution PE and school sport makes towards closing the inequalities gap and improving life chances. It provides a structure within which all our young people will be inspired and nurtured to become:

  • Active learners, who enjoy physical activity and lead healthy lives
  • Capable learners, who develop a fine sense of identity, self-worth, resilience and confidence in a broad range of situations
  • Successful learners, who strive to be the best that they can be and reach their potential in all they do
  • Responsible learners, with strong moral values, well prepared for life and keen to make a positive difference to their communities

This framework compels all schools to work with partners to meet these needs and deliver a minimum weekly offer of 2 hours high quality PE and school sport. This forms part of an entitlement that meets Chief Medical Officer targets1,2 and includes a commitment to ensure that every child can swim 25m.

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